Here's a video for a new instrumental called "Summer 76". As always, headphones are recommended. The footage was taken a couple years ago in Tahoe and I've been waiting for the right time to use it. Two complementary guitar parts were recorded on my iphone and then lined up on the computer layered with some simple orchestration. 

I'm coming to dig the sound of acoustic guitar recorded on the iphone's built-in microphone. It's got a good enough vibe to get ideas down - and good enough to remove the excuse of currently not having a real recoding setup. I'v always been a fan of using gear lying around and then making the most of it. The iphone has a crisp sound with nice natural compression (smooths out the soft and loud dynamics of a performance) and even gives a subtle, pleasant fuzzy distortion without sounding harsh. The EQ in Apples Logic program helps control some of the fret squeaks and ambient room noise too. 

One of my new goals is to create more music and make it available to YouTubers, video producers and film makers. The music would be free to use for personal-use projects while commercial projects would be handled case by case. More on that as I get rolling.