Pulling Things Together

Since I started taking custom lettering seriously a couple years ago, I've come to value the idea of intense focus.  It's a pill to swallow - you can't do everything you want to do. But If you want to succeed or become proficient at something, sacrifices are in order. It requires setting some things on the back burner, patiently waiting for the chance to come back to them.

Its been tough for me to focus. I've been such an intense music nut for so long, it was challenging to simply set that dream aside to focus on something totally outside my comfort zone. I'm thankful for supportive, encouraging friends and family that keep me accountable and on track.

The question that's been eating at me lately is - how do I do more of the stuff I love? How can I combine multiple things into something unique, and in order to serve one clear purpose? Lettering, guitar, drawing, recording, photography, video editing... it's something I fear might be a "Jack of All Trades" syndrome. But considering the position I'm in, how can I pull them together and combine them so they're not isolated streams of attention? What is my purpose and how can all these things come together to support it?

My answer is to experiment with a simple variety show. I imagine releasing on Saturday Mornings in conjunction with the weekly newsletter. It's intended to be a fun way to start the weekend - bite-sized creative sketches, education, inspiration and warm fuzzies in the spirit of Bob Ross, Sesame Street, and any other childhood Saturday morning TV show that made getting up early worth it.

In addition to the performance sketches, I imagine doing profiles of friends and colleagues and documenting trips to beautiful or otherwise interesting places and events.

I'm working through how much time and effort it would take and if I could pull it off every week. So for now, this is a stand-alone episode until I can commit to the logistics.

Let me know what you think.