Tuff Bluff is an original logo and memorial branding design that I created for the passing of a dear friend. Friends will gather the weekend of December 10th to walk the Goleta Bluffs and remember the legendary mentor and friend.

 For Zog, anything cool was "Tuff" And the Bluffs were a favorite place to run, reflect and get perspective. He was an amazing drummer, a fan of classic music in general and the Beatles in particular, so in this case we have the Fab Four making a guest appearance. I'm certain that conversation will revolve around music.

The design was created to be printed on 8.5x11 paper, but simple enough to easily morph to various social media dimensions. Below you can see how easily the pieces shift around for Facebook's two horizontal layouts - one with considerably more headroom than the other. One graphic works in both instances without loss of legibility.

Below is the somewhat messy ink version of the Tuff Bluff logo, followed by a clean-up digitized version, and finally the version softened and refined corners that has a relaxed but professional stature.