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The TUFF logo story

Earlier this year I did a series of Words For Friends. People told me their favorite word and I drew it for them. Very simple, but super fun project. One of the most memorable was for the late Erik Herzog.

Like many others, my friend Johnny Andreu and I had been out of touch with Zog so we conspired to publish one of his favorite words "TUFF". He ventured out to leave a comment on the post and it's one of the last times I heard from him.

Here is the video of his word created with a chisel marker: http://bit.ly/2hS6fVn

I redrew that word a couple dozen times and pubished the video once I could draw it somewhat convincingly.

With lettering, as with anything you do daily, you get better over time. You start to see things clearly that had simply escaped you before.

So, in honor of Zog, I decided to clean up the comparatively shaky drawing from the video and make it a more substantial vector logotype. Turning it into a t-shirt seemed appropriate.