Tadvent 2016


Coloring Up To Christmas

2016 marked the 5th anniversary of Tadvent - a daily advent drawing challenge to celebrate the few weeks leading up to  Christmas Day. 

The previous four years I drew artwork the night before (no reserves) and dropped a little artwork in people's feeds every day. Sure Christmas is traditionally full of "cheer" and songs, but for many people it's an emotionally laden, challenging haul from Thanksgiving through Christmas. This is my way of helping bring a consistent touch of humanity on a predictable, daily schedule.

This year I upped my game by creating a full book of Christmas coloring pages. I released it on Thanksgiving day, 2016 for free as a gift to those who have supported me throughout the year and also a way to introduce people in to my regular flow of design output.

The book has been used as a tool for parents to bond with their children, teachers to bond with students and for design grads to practice and post  their coloring chops on Instagram.

I'm incredibly pleased with the additional depth the book provided this Christmas. It became less of a personal show and tell and more of a community event. And that's really what Christmas is about anyway.